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The Calorimeter software is based on GAUDI. It is running in the reconstruction progam Brunel. As part of a collaboration, we agree and follow several conventions described here. This page gives access to the Calorimeter specific documentation and information.

Introduction to the general LHCb Software can be found here, it contains pointers to various 'getting started'.

Meetings : Agenda and minutes

Calorimeter Data Model

See documents here.

Geometry and Detector Description

A short documentation on using the Detector Element is available here.

Package organisation

Package name Purpose
Event/CaloEvent Data Model. All data classes are described here.
Det/CaloDet The Detector Element. It gets the data from Det/XmlDDDB
SICB/CaloSicbCnv Converter from/to SICB data model. Can read the RAWH banks, and produce digitixation banks.
Calo/CaloGen Various utilities, including the CellID, CaloCollection and CaloVector
Calo/CaloAlgs The algorithms to process signal, deposits, digits,...
Calo/CaloCA Cellular automaton, to produce clusters

Algorithm description

Options files

Responsibility and meetings

The Calorimeter Sofware contact is Vanya Belyaev. .

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