Meetings of calorimeter group in 2000

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Bi-weekly calorimeter meetings at CERN:

For bi-weekly dates and place of meeting see also under weelky meetings

  • Tuesday 11 January at 14.30h in Bldg.14/4-002: J.Ocariz (htm, ppt)
  • No meeting on 25th January due to full day meeting on 27th January!
  • Thursday 10th February at 14.00h in Bldg.14/4-030: A.Jacholkowska, I.Belyaev (ps_1, ps_2)
  • Thursday 9 March at 15.00h in Bldg.14-4-002: agenda
  • Tuesday 28th March at 10.00h in Bldg.14/4-002: agenda , J.Ocariz (htm , ppt)
  • Tuesday 11 April at 14.00h in Bldg.32/SC-014: agenda and summary
  • Tuesday 18 April at 13.30h in Bldg.14/4-002: summary
  • Tuesday 2 May at 14.00h in Bldg.14/4-002: summary, B. Delcourt (ps),  O. Yuschenko (ps)
  • Monday 15 May at 16.00h in Bldg.14/4-002: agenda
  • Friday 26 May at 14.30h in Bldg.14/4-002: agenda
  • Tuesday 4 July at 14.00h in Bldg.14/4-030, agenda: status of physics notes
  • Tuesday 14 November at
  • Tuesday 12 December at 14.30h in Bldg.14/4-002:
    1. how to treat timing information in MC
    2. expected current in ECAL and HCAL PM's transparencies: I.Korolko(ps)

Calorimeter meetings during and in-between LHCb weeks: