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Calorimeter Geometry for the TDR

Sub Detector Dimensions in Z (along beam pipe):

  • Preshower (including SPD)
    • starts at Z=12300mm
    • with a total available space of 180mm
  • ECAL 
    • starts at Z=12490mm
    • with a total available space of 835mm
  • HCAL 
    • starts at Z=13335mm
    • with a total available space of 1655mm

For more details see the calo sub-detector dimensions along Z (updated for internal SPD/PS dimensions on 18/05/2000)

Sub Detector Dimensions in X and Y: (updated for SPD/PS on 18/05/2000)

  • cell sizes
    • for SPD/PS:
      • inner region: SPD=39.66mm, PS=39.84mm
      • middle region: SPD=59.5mm, PS=59.76mm
      • outer region: SPD=119.0mm, PS=119.5mm
    • for ECAL:
      • inner region: 40.4mm
      • middle region: 60.6mm
      • outer region: 121.20mm
    • for HCAL:
      • inner region: 131.3mm
      • outer region: 262.6mm
  • inner acceptance (defined as the limit of the active area that is going to be read out) is 
    • for ECAL: X=+-323.2mm and Y=+-323.2mm
    • for HCAL: X=+-393.9mm and Y=+-393.9mm
  • inner hole (defined as the limit of the detector mechanics and that will be filled with shielding material up to the beam pipe) is
    • for ECAL: X=+-242.4mm and Y=+-242.4mm
    • for HCAL: X=+-262.6mm and Y=+-262.6mm 
  • outer acceptance (defined as the limit of the active area that is going to be read out)
    • for SPD/PS:
      • of inner region:
        • X: SPD=+-952.5mm ; PS=+-957.5mm
        • Y: SPD=+-715.0mm ; PS=+-717.5mm
      • of middle region:
        • X: SPD=+-1905mm ; PS=+-1913.5mm
        • Y: SPD=+-1190mm ; PS=+-1195mm
      • of outer region:
        • X: SPD=+-3810mm ; PS=+-3827.5mm
        • Y: SPD=+-3095mm ; PS=+-3110mm
    • for ECAL:
      • of inner region:
        • X=+-8*121.2mm=+-969.6mm
        • Y=+-6*121.2mm=+-727.2mm
      • of middle region:
        • X=+-16*121.2mm=+-1939.2mm
        • Y=+-10*121.2mm=+-1212.0mm
      • of outer region:
        • X=+-32*121.2mm=+-3878.4mm
        • Y=+-26*121.2mm=+-3151.2mm
    • for HCAL:
      • of inner region:
        • X=+-8*262.6mm=+-2100.8mm
        • Y=+-7*262.6mm=+-1838.2mm
      • of outer region:
        • X=+-16*262.6mm=+-4201.6mm
        • Y=+-13*262.6mm=+-3413.8mm
  • outer overall size (defined as the limit of the detector mechanics that gives the requirement for the space needed in the garage position for X and the available space in height for Y)
    • for ECAL:
      • X=+-3878.4mm+frame=???
      • Y=+-3151.2mm+frame=???
    • for HCAL:
      • X=+-4201.6mm+frame=???
      • Y=+-3413.8mm+frame=???

For pictures of the layout see under: